Savvy Mariner

Savvy Mariner is an Enterprise Application Solution designed to handle all areas of Vessel / Ship Management with streamlined procedures that result in exceptional financial returns.

Savvy Mariner ensures compliance with all regulatory standards and statutory requirements, with a focus on Health, Safety and Environment Protection.

The solution is designed as a Management Information System, providing a Centralized Internet-Based Environment for Maritime Organizations to manage and govern all activities of their Ships and Staff. It facilitates compliance with various Maritime Regulatory Authorities with internal workflows designed to achieve all required conformance.

By effectively adopting the best practices in the industry and utilization of the latest technologies, Savvy Mariner helps Organizations apply their best strategies for extensive profitable growth.

Real-time coordination between ships and shore, as well as mobile users (superintendents in the field), enables enterprises to handle any problems and meet goals with greater service and efficiency.

Product Features

Voyage Performance

Document Controls and eForms

Dry-Dock Project Management with Intergrated Accounts

Maintenance Management


Risk Assessment and Safety


Get real-time and secure collaboration between ships and shore, meet any challenges with a higher level of service and efficiency.

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