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What we do?

A sound strategy and technology expertise is needed when moving your business online.

We provide both strategy and technology to help you establish the online retail stores you wish to market internationally.

Our design, planning and deployment team will help you create visually appealing e-commerce stores and will also make the shopping experience exciting for your customers.

The BULK of your work obstacles are minimised by selecting the correct technology partner.

Designing a new online presence

Developing your internet presence according to a pre-defined framework or brand policy.

Custom-built responsive and mobile-friendly

Being mobile-friendly offers a larger audience reach and custom-built service to your specific requirements.

Creating unique landing pages

Unique and compelling landing pages that direct your audience to your website.

Web hosting / Domain name registration

Choosing the best web hosting services for a safe, quick, and continuous service, as well as acquiring your brand’s domain name.

Developing creatives for email campaigning

Building e-mail campaigns with the proper call-to-action

Full search engine optimisation

A comprehensive search engine optimization for your site means reaching out to new markets and consumers with your products.

Technology Partners

We assist you with your unique requirements of products, promotions and audience solutions that can be adjusted location-specific.

Shopping cart features

Add or alter features to your digital shopping cart

Assured payments gateways

Integration with PayPal and over 50 other payment gateways

Stock checks

Stock and inventory management

Order tracking

Order history, shipping status of products and wish list creation.

Stealth mode shopping

Anonymous, one-page checkout to help boost conversions.

Search engine optimisation

SEO friendly links and sitemaps

SSL certified

Secure checkout with 128-bit SSL encryption.

Easy dashboard services

Add and edit your product pricing and descriptions easily.

Promotional benefits

Offer promotional benefits like offer coupons, discount codes and gift certificates.

Value-added services

Gift card messages and gift wrapping options.

Custom attributes

Custom attribute options for products, like colour and weight selections.

Real-time sales reports

Exportable sales reports to spreadsheet formats

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